Dr Joel Wallach

Distributors should never offer medical advice to anyone

The good news is that there is plenty of information at your fingertips.

Simple Google searches will always reveal great information including testimonials and videos from Dr. Wallach himself.

Get your medical question answered by Dr. Wallach

Dr. Wallach – Radio Shows Listen Live and Access archive of recorded shows.

Mon-Fri, 3:00pm to 4pm Central time, Dr. Wallach is on the radio answering YOUR questions!

Call in at  877-912-7529

This is his “Dead Doctor’s Don’t Lie” radio show.

Also Mon-Fri, 2:00pm to 3pm CST, Dr. Wallach is on the radio. Call  888-379-2552  to ask a question.

The show is archived daily on GCNLive.com.  This is his “Let’s Play Doctor” radio show.

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Distributor Advantages

Distributor Advantages

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