Ad Hits Profit How It Works

We have set up a long term Cash Bonanza for you

How It Works

Simply purchase your directory listing for $45 and receive top listing and 1,000 visitors to your website.

* Click 10 Ads To Qualify For Revenue Shares For The Day *
No Referring Required To Receive Revenue Shares
Ad Hit Profits Targeted Web Traffic was created to provide marketers whether new or advanced a  way to increase their results daily through many forms of advertisement ranging from: Listing Ads, Email Ads, and Banner Ads.
Members earn money by purchase listing on their site directory. Ad Hit Profits states they are not MLM, Matrix, HYIP, Auto surfing, Investment site, Ponzi scheme and they pay their members by splitting profits made through directory listing and not with other members’ cash.

Revenues come from:

  • Directory Listings & Website Traffic (Included In Your $45 Purchase)
  • Forum Advertising Services (Sold Separately)
  • 728×90 LeaderBoard Ads (Sold Separately)
  • 125×125 Banner Ads (Sold Separately)
    468×60 Banner Ads (Sold Separately)
    Vacation Mode (Sold Separately)
    Share Auto-Repurchase (Sold Separately)
    EzyBonds Shared Transaction Fees (Sold Separately)

Forum topics and banner ads sold separately. Purchasing a directory listing is the only way to purchase revenue shares and website traffic. With more sales revenue than shares being purchased, this provides you a stable and long term revenue share as these services are in high demand in today’s market. The revenue to share ratio remains in a good position as you share in the purchase of ALL services.

  • You Purchase 1 Or More Revenue Share Ad Spot(s) For $45 !!
  • You Earn Max $56.25 (125%) Each Share
  • Re-Purchases (or Additional Share purchases) BUMP Your Listing to the Top of the Directory !!
  • Each Re-purchase also Provides Additional 1000 Visitors !!
10% Referral Commission On EVERY Purchase !!
100% Everyone Gets Paid From EVERY Purchase !!
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