AD Hits Rev

Ad Hits Rev

Ok so another player hits the Avenue Rev Sharing.  

Welcome to this launch – AdHitsRev looks like another program that is modeling itself on the market standard – AdHitProfits.
Will it be as successful ?
Who knows !!
But what I do know, is that if you can get to a computer at 9:30hrs EST (14:30 GMT) with at least 20usd pre-loaded in your balance – you will make a profit.
How much – I cannot say, but what I do advise is that you do a few of things…..
1) Pre-Load at least 20usd into your account (I’m only using 40), so we are not taking a big risk here.
2) Tell as many other people as you can between now and launch – it will help them and also the referral commissions will help you.
3) Once you’ve purchased your ‘positions’ and the site launches – be ready to repeatedly repurchase every time your balance hits $10 or more.
4) Depending on how quickly your balance grows, you’ll want to hold off on repurchasing at some point on the first day – and request a withdrawal.
Be aware that while there appears to be the facility to make a number of withdrawals during the day – you’ll only be able to withdraw a max of 1,000usd per day.
Ad Hits Rev Happy Launch!!
Hello Members,
We have launched a very successful program that will continue to pay us in the long term. But before I go further, let me explain how our system works.
When ad packs are bought, the total sales revenue which includes sales from advertising on our site and ad packs that pays 150% in ROI are poolled to a special wallet.

From this wallet, we distribute funds randomly to all active ad packs until each ad pack earns 150% before it expires.

Do not expect that within a few hours, you have to earn 150% in rebate and if you dont, the program is a scam.

AdhitsRev isnt the kind of program you double your money in 24hrs.  Those kind  of programs usually fade out before sunset.

So far so good, our launch has been smooth, we are responding to members complains in a timely manner as well as doing all the payouts promptly.

In the meantime, I have to say a BIG Thank you to all members who have been supporting us.

My Finest Regards,
James Attrill,
Proud Admin of AdHitsRev



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