AdHitProfits Earnings as of 19th June 2013

We have set up a long term Cash Bonanza for you

For those of you that are not already in AdHitProfits this is a great business for you to join for just $45.00.  I have just been repurchasing the shares and are up to 9 thus far.




2 WEEKS ago it was taking Ad Shares 24 days to mature, (That’s going from $45 to $56.25)  TODAY they are taking 9 days to mature which is in indication of how well this is growing.  The percentage that is paid  out daily fluctuates depending on the revenue shared throughout the day.

As a member of AdHitProfits you can purchase advertising packages for $45 each which gives you 1000 clicks for you to advertise.

AdHitProfits  pays you back from the revenue generated every 30 minutes based on the sales revenue generated in the company.


AdHitProfits use Ezybonds as a payment processor which is a much cheaper option than either STP or Payza.


Get Started AdHitProfits

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