Best MLM 2014

So What makes the BEST 2014 MLM?

It is personal to some extent as we all see something different in every opportunity.  The following is my view.

My 6 core elements for best MLM business opportunity

1. Company Ownership

Have you researched the CEO/owner?  This is one of the most important factors in any business, do a google search and see what they have done and where there are at.  I have found some great business structures only to find the owner has no involvement and it falls over in the first 6 months.  Transparency is essential right along with the opportunity of contacting the owner directly should the need arise.  A great leader will take you to great places with a unique opportunity, a not so good will result as I mentioned above.

2. The product

Although this doesn’t always need to be the main thing is does help if there is a need for the product? Is there a unique selling proposition  for the product?  Does the company’s product meet that need? What is the price of the product, will people pay for it? Does the product have real substance and will it thrive long term, as you don’t want it to disappear in a few months.  Do you LOVE the product, would you USE the product?  You have to be a user to promote a product.

3. The financial opportunity

It is confusing the number of different types of compensation plans that are out there.  There are bump ups, breakaways, forced matrix, binary plus many I probably don’t even know about.  Check and see what others in the business are earning and if sits well with you and you can understand the system then run with it.

4. Systems and Support

Does the program have an effective marketing system that requires no extra cost or setup?  This is so important to me.  I don’t have the time and ability to create my own website, name capture pages, create an autoresponder and follow up messages.  I want a system that I can join today and promote straight away after joining.  You can waste valuable time and money by not joining a program that offers you this.  Support is also important, can you reach your upline, is there training in place, events you can plus into, are you being kept up to date.

5. Global

I want to work with a product that is available world wide which means I can grow my business worldwide.  Hence the name of this website goglobal247 my business can operate globally 24 hours a day.

6. Timing

Timing what does that mean exactly?  Does it mean get in when a product launches or does it mean wait until a business is established?  Does it mean join when you are not ready to build a business or join when you are?

I think that when a product is new, has a great system, serious solid leadership and product and you are ready it does create a good TIMING to join and get started.

No Company will ever be perfect and all companies go through constant change.  The trick is to find the factors mentioned above in a Company and then stick with it through thick and thin.  The grass is never greener on the other side, in fact the next Company will probably go through the same things that ticked you off with this one.

YOU – at the end of the day it is till up to you.  You can find the best product, best training, best compensation plan but unless YOU do anything with it then you won’t achieve the dreams and goals that you wish to achieve.

2014 is the year to become a Networking Marketing Professional and I am happy to help you make this happen.

With many options out there I suggest you first go through 21 steps which includes coaching sessions for just $49 to help you get clarity.  To get started with that go HERE

For a great MLM product that I’m loving go HERE and lets get started and to get started with leads some 300 a day visit here

To your success and let me know how you go Julia 🙂


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