Capital Gold LLC How It Works

Capital Gold LLC, is founded by a business mastermind  Todd J. McMillian.

The mission of Capital Gold LLC (CG) is to continually provide a unique and high value membership in the marketplace in relationship to the gold industry. The vision of CG is to to build an international customer base of 100,000 within the next 12 months through our independent affiliate base.

CG has set up a solid infrastructure including INSTANT PAY Commissions, Real Time Geneologies, and 24/7 online back office support.

We have the keys to success and we look forward to helping you achieve your dreams!


As a Capital Gold member you pay ONLY $25 to have ongoing access to purchase one 1oz gold coin.

The value of the Gold Membership is extremely high due to the fact that the price of a 1ozgold coin is approximately $1400 at the start of this project. Additionally, the small price point of ONLY $25 has a tremendous Mass Appeal across the globe as it is very affordable for the average person to get started.


How You Make Money With Capital Gold LLC

To make money with Capital Gold LLC  you pay ONLY $25 to have ongoing access to 1 oz of gold or $1400 of the gold coin which is payable through your STP.  All members receive DOUBLE their money back in gold Shares! Each member  instantly is credited with 50 gold shares when they sign up.  Shares pay out 0.10% Each hour, 24 hours a day for a 30 day period! That’s 2.4% per day, 7 days a week for a Full 30 days and ALL Gold shares are 100% Guaranteed!


The compensation plan in the Automatic Autodrive Affiliate Compensation (AAA Compensation).

AAA Compensation s where  commission payments are AUTOMATICALLY paid INSTANTLY on a WORLDWIDE basis.

You will be entered into a 2×2 fast moving progressive matrix  that will pay out to your STP INSTANTLY when you cycle! Every time you cycle at any level, you are paid into your STP account will beMATCHED 100% with Gold credits in your back office. And that will also earn 2.4% daily!

When you cycle, you are re-entered into that level again. So as you cycle a level and keep getting leveraging up to the next level,you will be cycling and earning on several levels simultaneously.

For example, the first 2×2 pays out $25, you are reentered back in the $25 matrix and then also progressed into the $50 matrix for FREE. The progression upgrades are FREE with no money out of pocket and doubles each time . You can achieve one upgrade per Phase and cycle unlimited times with automatic free reentries in each phase that you have already been upgraded. This will give you the opportunity to receive multiple commissions from multiples matrices!

And remember all matrix payments are paid instantly to your registered Solid Trust Pay account.


Capital Gold LLCCapital Gold LLC

How To Get Started With Capital Gold LLC

For just $25 I recommend joining, nothing to lose really. There is no sponsoring required with Capital Gold LLC but you could earn more instantly to your STP if you do refer and cycle very fast. So if you have STP with $25 lock in your position and enjoy the massive spillovers in Capital Gold LLC.

So Click  here  and signup for just a one time fee of $25.



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