Capital Gold LLC

Capital Gold LLC

Welcome to the Power of Automatic Autodrive Affiliate Compensation (AAA Compensation) where there is no chasing down payments and team upgrades! With AAA Compensation all commission payments are AUTOMATICALLY paid INSTANTLY on a WORLDWIDE basis and all team upgrades are automatic with no money out of pocket and 100% commission able!

As a Capital Gold member you pay ONLY $25 to have ongoing access to purchase one 1ozgold coin each 120 day period for a total of 3 over a one year time frame and receive the 4th one for free. There are NO requirements to purchase gold coins.

The value of the Gold Membership is extremely high due to the fact that the price of a 1ozgold coin is approximately $1400 at the start of this project. Additionally, the small price point of ONLY $25 has a tremendous Mass Appeal across the globe as it is very affordable for the average person to get started.

As a sign up bonus all members receive DOUBLE their money back in gold Shares! Each member will be instantly credited with 50 gold shares when they sign up that pay out 0.10% Each hour, 24 hours a day for a 30 day period! That’s 2.4% per day, 7 days a week for a Full 30 days and ALL Gold shares are 100% Guaranteed!Gold shares can be redeemed in 1ozgold coin increments in your choice of a gold coin or cash directly to your STP account!

As an affiliate you enter into a Expandable Progressive 2×2 that pays out on just 6 group sales under you with NO Sponsoring Required. This is an automatic follow your sponsor recycling matrix that doubles in payouts with each 2×2 progression that your people follow you.

Only $25 to sign up – one time out of pocket!

For example, the first 2×2 pays out $25, you are reentered back in the $25 matrix and then also progressed into the $50 matrix for FREE. The progression upgrades are FREE with no money out of pocket and doubles each time . This will give you the opportunity to receive multiple commissions from multiples matrices! Please see the chart below.

All matrix payments are paid instantly to your registered Solid Trust Pay account on file.

This is incredible. Join now for just $25 and you will receive $50 in Gold in your back office earning 2.4% daily. If you compound that for a month, you will double the value.



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