How I am working Penny Matrix and Xplocial

I have spent a few thousand dollars and a lot of time and energy over the last 6 months or more looking and trying programs, meeting people and learning a lot along the way.  This is what I am currently doing and what is working for me as of November 2013.
Team Tsunami is the banner of the team that I am in.   They are all good people and all have different ideas and bits and pieces to add as do myself.  I am friends with them all and have their respect as I respect them.
pennyoctober2013The concept is working as such with Penny Matrix number 1 $7.00 a month, I’m making around $60 a month after a couple of months.  The programs themselves are product ebook and is a platform that you can work with and move from.
So in the line we are in we can purchase paid signups.  Tracy Davidson  is setting up a recruitment agency in the Philippines.  His vision is to help them get out of poverty at the same time help others earn an income.  This is taking longer than he thought but the greater vision of what it can be is worth waiting for.
He plans after this is up and running to duplicate into places like India etc where numbers are huge.  The spillover that will come with the numbers who are waiting will be big dollars.  I’ve purchase a number of paid signups but also I sponsor people as well.
Julia Mitchell Facebook GroupI have a facebook group just for our team and members are all over the world.  This is our hangout where we can ask questions, encourage, share ideas etc to help each of us build our business.
So xplocial which is my passion as it will make the bigger dollars and it is set to change at the end of the month.  Currently it is $150 a month and you earn 100% commission on people who join your business.  We do have a bump up system which you may have watched already.
 As paid signups come in from Penny Matrix and relationships are built then it is easy to offer them this opportunity as well.  Again you can purchase paid signups for these of which I have also done and are waiting.  However I recommend that you don’t count on your paid signups but rather work on building relationships with people you do know first.
I’ve been in Xplocial for a few months now and started off great guns then got sidetracked and now back into it again.  My goal is to be earning $20,000 a month in 2014.
With Ad Experts this is the 3rd program at the moment and it is one off $420 to get in and you need to get two.  I have helped others find their two but have run out of people 🙂  Although if you decide to join I would place you under someone in our team as it helps it grow and move quickly.  I’ve made my $400 back in one week, now made $1000 and a couple more for my $7000.  Again you can purchase paid signups.
So although we have the paid signups option it is best not to rely on this but rather add this to what you are doing.
Other programs I’ve tried and I’m happy to share outcome.  At this stage I want these to be generating sufficient funds before trying another as their will always be another opportunity.
With Tracy his vision is down the track that we have so many people in our team that we will jump on new opportunities make our money and try the next.


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