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My Fun Life

3×10 Forced Matrix


You earn commissions as each position is filled in your matrix no matter who referred them into the program.  The first 7 levels do not have any qualifications in order to earn.  The last 3 levels require referring others in order to earn at those levels.


When you complete the first 2 levels of your matrix your membership is FREE!



Check Match Bonus


You earn a matching bonus of 10% to 50% based on the number of people that you refer into the program.  For example lets say that you referred 3 members into the program.  You will earn a 10% matching bonus of their earnings.  Here is a breakdown of the matching bonuses…


My Fun Life

Coded Bonus


You earn a coded bonus of $5 to $10 of new members that you or your downline refer into the program.  This starts after you enroll your first 3 members.  You will receive coded bonuses on your referral’s first 3 referrals.  This goes to infinity.  The amount of the coded bonus is determined on the number of people that you have referred into the program.

My Fun Life


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