My Fun Life June 12 2013 Phase 2

My Fun LifeJune 12, 2013 Conference Call – Phase 2 Overview

We, at Corporate, are stunned and amazed at the fantastic response our Pre-launch has generated! Way to go TEAM! Since Pre-launch opened and our teams have begun personal placement of their friends and family, MyFunLIFE has welcomed over 11,950 Members. We are also proud to announce that 6 Members have ALREADY reached the Diamond rank!

As we enter into Phase 3, remember we will activate the merchant processing Monday, June 17, 2013. Make sure your credit card information is correctly entered in your Back Office, and notify your team that our first payrun is coming very soon! Your hard work is about to pay off!

We truly appreciate the dedication and diligence of our Corporate staff, the entire world-wide team of Members, and all those supportive friends and family helping behind the scenes.

Thank you all for helping us build the greatest LIFETIME opportunity ever! Dan Edwards, CEO


My Fun Life


My Fun Life


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