UTS Profit Add V AdhitProfits


Both are great programs. The information is just my opinion only so please don’t be hard on me for sharing my thoughts of what I think at this stage.

Both programs are based on the profit / revenue sharing compensation plan type and both extremely hot right now.   Profit sharing programs have been around for over a decade.

Reaching maturity amount on both programs varies due to the ad shares sold.  It could be as short as 3 days or as long as 10 days depending on sales.

100% of profits are shared between all active members.


UTS PROFIT ADDS – Steven S Jones 

Run and administered by Mr Steven S Jones of the SJSPromotions group who are based in Perth, Australia. Steven S Jones can be contacted via the companies contact page. Address for the UTS company is 91 Rimbanda Rd, Kentucky, NSW 2371.  Ultimate Team Success Limited -Company Number:8520828

UTSProfitAds launched just on the 16th of June 2013 7 days ago and had a large member base and reputation which has helped it to grow to having paid out $4326 million to date being the 23rd June 2013.

UTS Profit Ads share cost $20 and mature at $30.00 – 150%

Referral bonus 15%

Free members can earn an income by clicking ads and getting referrals.

UTS Profit Ads Pays once daily to STP and PayZa. Limit of $500 per day which is equal to ~$15,000 per month.  You can have 3 IP addresses though.

UTS Profit ADS so far only generates revenue through members purchase.



AdHitProfits – Charles Scoville

AdHitProfits is the No 1 Revenue AdSharing company on the internet.  Ad Hit Profits has been around for over 78 days 8th of April (Today is 23rd June, 2013) and it’s by far the best passive program around in my opinion.

Ad Hit Profits Shares cost $45 and mature at $56.12 – 125%

Referral bonus 10%

Free members earn referral bonuses of 10% no paid clicking.

Ad Hit Profits have a pay it forward program, a vacation option and auto repurchase.

AHP Pays Instantly to STP andPayza. It also offers Ezybonds as payment processor which opens the door to an even bigger audience.

AHP generates revenue through the sale of advertising space and members purchase.



Ad Hit Profits represents stability, sustainability and long term while UTSProfitAds represent a great way to double fast, get your initial out and play with the profits.  When choosing which program to go for, the answer is, BOTH!   Remember have wisdom, start small with an amount that at the end of the day you are prepared to lose as there is no refund and no guarantee.



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