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Steven S Jones owns Ultimate Team Success and has now created a sister company called UTSProfitAds Run and administered by Mr Steven S Jones of the SJSPromotions group who are based in Perth, Australia. Steven S Jones can be contacted via the companies contact page. Address for the UTS company is 91 Rimbanda Rd, Kentucky, NSW 2371.

Ultimate Team Success Limited -Company Number:8520828

Please note that the Members Area will be going into daily maintenance today for 3hrs. There is a countdown on the members login page:  UTSPROFITADS
Today we will be completing the withdrawal page security element that we need to secure our members accounts from hackers plus we will be checking and paying out our latest withdrawal requests. Our coder should have this job completed today and we will
advise when the Withdrawal page is back online.

As our servers are also managing well under the extreme volume, we have also added back the Member To Member transfers page. We will monitor this carefully and if the site loads are too much we will remove it until after our next server upgrade next week.

We have also just completed checking and verifying nearly 3,000 members banners and text ads plus we currently have 187 support tickets that need checking.

Phew! Another busy day for us, so please bear with us. It has been an immense ride in this first week of beta-launch and we have had to make many adjustments to cope with various issues, most of them whilst the site was live. We have lots more work to complete as well as more revenue elements to add to add even more Profits to UTSProfitAds.

Thank you for your patience during our beta-testing. As we stated on our terms for our Beta-Testing period, we will have
downtime so that we can ensure that all elements of UTSProfitAds is working perfectly and will need upgrades as and when needed to make sure that we are a long-term success for all of our members.

To your Success,

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