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Xplocia This Is A NEW Day For All Of Us At Xplocial!


You will find that this program will be the EASIEST program to recruit people with that you’ve ever been involved with for TWO reasons…

1. Low Cost Of Entry
In today’s economy it is difficult for people to justify getting started in a business that costs them hundreds or even thousands of dollars to get started. Here, for just $29 plus their small affiliate fee, someone can get started in a business and be PROFITABLE in the same week!

2. 100% Commissions
The Company DOESN’T take 50% of YOUR money. Your upline DOESN’T take any of YOUR money. YOU keep 100% of all the money generated by our $29 and $100 monthly membership sales! Because of that it takes LESS people in your business for you to make LOTS MORE money.

Message From
Larry Marcus
CAO, Xplocial

Sunday, June 30th – Operations Update

I just wanted to send you a quick message to keep you up to date on our web
and payment systems. As our valued partners, we want to be sure that you always have the most up to date information on our business available to you.

The FABULOUS news is that our automated systems for all U.S. signups
went back into operation on Friday afternoon and is operating smoothly with
absolutely no problems.

Our Support Team has been working all weekend long to make sure they
catch up on the backlog and help each and every one of you as you move ahead with your Xplocial business. At this point all U.S. payments are up
to date and functioning normally.

All new Affiliates from outside the U.S. are being handled manually until
our new International payment systems are put in place which should be
completed over the next 48 hours.

For those of you who are new International Affiliates, your websites and Membership will be activated, but you will not see money deducted from your credit cards until our new payment systems are in place.

It’s important to understand that there will be a one week delay on
seeing “Earned Commissions” show up in your Back Office from any
new International Affiliates.

There are just a few minor issues left to deal with regarding U.S. members
and commissions not being displayed correctly for a VERY small number of Affiliates. Be sure to send in a Support Ticket at: www.XplocialSupport.com
if you have any issue and our Team will be on it TODAY!

While we we regret any delays and inconvenience,  it was very important
for us to take these steps right now to INSURE the ongoing growth and stability of your Xplocial business for the long haul for all of us.

I’m so grateful to you and proud of each and every one of you, for
working with us through these challenges over the last week and for all
your emails and messages of praise and support.

We’ll be sure to keep you up to date as we move quickly to come back to smooth, 100% worldwide operations in the beginning of this new week.

With much love and respect,

Larry Marcus
CAO, Xplocial


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